The GelPOINT V-Path transvaginal access platform enables access for minimally invasive instruments to perform transvaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (vNOTES) procedures.

Self-Retaining Sleeves

Accommodate 5-12mm standard laparoscopic instrumentation

Offer greater freedom of movement and less instrument collision due to low-profile design

Alexis Retractor

Accommodates varying incision sizes

Offers 360ยบ of atraumatic retraction for enhanced exposure and access

Is available in three sizes to meet procedural needs

GelSeal Cap

Provides a flexible fulcrum for unmatched triangulation of standard laparoscopic instrumentation

Maintains insufflation for continuous access

Includes two valves to facilitate smoke evacuation and accommodate standard laparoscopic insufflation tubing

Facilitates large specimen extraction with simple detachment from Alexis retractor

Is available in two sizes


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