At Applied Medical, we believe that transforming healthcare through affordable innovation is only the beginning of our responsibility. Accordingly, we maintain a strong commitment to our local and global communities. We value our partnerships with nonprofit organizations, supporting their crucial efforts through financial, in-kind or volunteer support, or a combination of these.

Throughout the year, we provide team members with volunteer opportunities to create positive change and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. This helps build partnerships within our community while strengthening the bonds between team members.

Fundraising Events

Applied Medical sponsors, and our team members participate in, a variety of fundraising events for nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Providing Team Member Opportunities

Applied Medical coordinates volunteer opportunities and events for team members, including plogging (jogging and picking up litter), as well as fundraisers and lunch-and-learns to raise awareness and provide education on various causes and initiatives.

Giving Back to Local Charities

By organizing annual drives to collect mobile phones, gently worn clothing and school supplies, Applied Medical supports local organizations such as Stichting Opkikker and Sympany

Taking Students on Company Tours

Applied Medical offers facility tours and workshops to area students. These activities give them an up-close-and-personal view of how we design and manufacture our medical devices, along with a glimpse of how surgeons use our devices to perform minimally invasive surgery, broadening their horizons and introducing them to a wide range of career options.