ProTerra Committee

At Applied Medical, we are committed to protecting the earth's natural resources. One way we achieve this is through our global ProTerra Committee, made up of passionate team members from various departments who help develop educational and awareness campaigns to increase sustainability on and off campus. Our committee has helped create many initiatives, such as reinforcing recycling on campus, encouraging the use of reusable items, implementing a pen and battery recycling program, and organizing local volunteer opportunities.

Making a Meaningful Difference

Hundreds of Applied Medical team members and their families participate in volunteer opportunities every year, such as beach and park clean up events.

Our Endeavor to Protect the Earth

Team members take part in our ProTerra Committee to promote the importance of sustainability at work and at home.

Encouraging Team Members to Get Involved

Team members volunteer as part of the ProTerra Committee's efforts to support both local and global organizations. Volunteer opportunities include wetland and habitat restoration, tree planting, gardening, and more.

Educating Team Members on Sustainable Practices

Our committee engages with team members at events and workshops to encourage sustainable practices such as recycling, upcycling and at-home gardening.

Protecting the Earth and Our Natural Resources

The ProTerra Committee organizes Earth Day initiatives with volunteer opportunities across the globe, inspiring team members to make a difference in our local communities.

Cultivating Our Company Garden

Our ProTerra Committee and our passionate team members help manage our company garden in the Netherlands, which includes four beehives, vegetation plants and a vegetable garden. The garden provides food for our company restaurant and a natural habitat for insects. Additionally, our vegetable garden in Southern California provides food for our campus café.